1. Read and keep up with the updates posted on the Our Babies site. Be sure to watch the date at the top of the screen to see when the last time was that we updated. We do not require  you to email us at this point to let us know you are interested. Emailing us does not speed up our posting date.  ;)  2. Watch Our Site, specifically the Our Babies Page, to see when new babies have been posted. Please do not ask for pictures early. We do not email out photos. We also do not take money to be first on the list or to see photos first. This is very unfair to everyone that  has been patiently waitng to purchase one of our puppies.   3. When you see that new babies have been posted and you spot the one you like EMAIL US.  At the beginning of your email start with “I would like to purchase (the name of the puppy).” You should also list a backup choice if you have one. This will help you keep from missing out altogether.  You will be skipped and considered just an inquiry if you do not tell us that you are ready to purchase and include the dog’s name. Inquiring is just fine but please know that  we go with the first to commit that clearly states so.  4. When you do email us the information in #3 be sure to include the following: The Name of the Person Picking up at the Airport (Please think ahead if you may need someone else to pick up the puppy for you. A second name on a booking is not a problem at all.  Adding a name after the flight has been booked takes time and is much easier to do at the time  of booking.)  Physical Address: City, State and Zip  Contact #  1st & 2nd Choice of International Airports or Larger Airports Closest to You. Please do not email small regional.  5. After we have emailed with a confirmation that you are the one to purchase the puppy then we will send over an invoice via PayPal along with our Purchasing Agreement via Docusign. Both have to be completed prior to the puppy being considered as sold to you.  6. We schedule the flight. We will get that information to you 3-5 days prior to the puppy’s  departure. We book the flight that is best for the puppy. We try to accomadate our  customers as much as possible but the ultimate priority is our baby, the puppy. Puppies do NOT leave our kennel until 8 weeks of age. It is truly against the Law for a Licensed breeder in the state of Texas to place a puppy prior to 8 weeks of age.  General Explanations of Our Procedures  Q. Why do you not do waiting lists?  A. No one wants to be last on a waiting list. Also, Person #1 takes two days to pick out their puppy, person #2 takes a day and a half, then by the time person #3 three gets to choose they have exhausted our email wanting to know when it is their turn and if a certain puppy has  been chosen yet. Then they are upset with us that the puppy they wanted is not available. We have found in our 20 years of raising these babies that not having a waiting list is truly easier for majority of the people.    Q. Why do you wait and book all of the flights with one phone call to the airport and have all shipped on the same day? A. It takes approximately 45 minutes to book the first puppy’s flight. The second, third, and  etc. go a little faster but we can still spend up to 1.5 hours booking one litter of puppies. We live an hour and a half one way from the airport.  We need to go on the same day. Time that  we are at the airport is time away from our babies.   Q. Why do you not tell exactly when puppies will be posted? A. We live on a farm and we are a family. Things happen in life.   Example:  If we told a specific date & time that we were going to post and our internet went down  (which it frequently does), a cow decided to have a calf, a baby puppy is not nursing and we need to  spend most of the day bottle feeding, or the coach gets a last minute call that our son’s game has been  changed then we would miss our posting deadline. You know what would happen then? Yes, you are  correct our email would blow up and tempers would fire up because we didn’t do what we said we  would do.  We like to be honest and straight forth with people. Therefore, we do not post a time and  date because we just do not know from day to day how our schedule will be. We truly appreciate  everyone that patiently waits for the litters to be posted. We promise, they are worth the wait!  Q. Why do you not tell what is in each litter ahead of time? A. The cold hard truth is living things die. Unfortunately as breeders we do have to deal with death.  After bottle feeding a puppy for several days, 24 hours a day and then it doesn’t make it . . .  that is a tough one to take.    Example: We get excited our favorite little mommy is due to have babies! She is having trouble and we have to  take her for an emergency C-section. We save the mom but she loses her litter. It happens folks . . .it is total  heartbreak for us (yes tears are shed) but it is part of working with animals. We know not everyone is  cut out for loss. Therefore, we protect you.    (This always makes us think of Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer.” If you haven’t listened to it please do. )  The information contained on this page was written for the use of Pocket Beagles USA only. These are the words of the authors.  Use of the information from this page for another website is not only illegal but unethical. Copyright 2003
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