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ANOTHER NOTE OF GRATITUDE TO AMY AND DARRELL:   I FELT I NEEDED AND WANTED TO WRITE YOU A TESTIMONIAL OF LOVE AND GRATITUDE FOR THE BEAUTIFUL AND HEALTHY PUPPIES YOU RENDER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS..... MY LOBO (HENRY) WHO I RECEIVED LAST TUESDAY, BY DELTA AIR, CAME IN IN "PERFECT" CONDITION, SAFE AND SOUND , AND CLEAN AS A WHISTLE....IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT AND HAS BEEN EVER SINCE. HE WAS EXTREMELY THIRSTY WHEN HE ARRIVED, OTHERWISE HAPPY AS A LARK.  THE RIDE HOME FROM THE AIRPORT WAS 45 MIN AND HE CUDDLED RIGHT ON MY CHEST ALL THE WAY HOME. HE EATS EXTREMELY WELL, BUT I BOIL CHICKEN AND ADD ICE AS HIS APPETITE HAS CHANGED. (SPOILED BABY BOY) BUT I AM GRADUALLY ADDING HIS PUPPY FOOD TO IT. WE ARE INSEPARABLE.  HE IS THE MOST LOVING, SWEET, PLAYFUL, HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL PUPPY IN THE WORLD TO ME, AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO SEE HIM. THANK YOU BOTH FOR BLESSING ME WITH SUCH A WONDERFUL BABY.  HE IS CHERISHED BEYOND WORDS.   I WILL E-MAIL YOU SOME PICTURES AS SOON AS I DOWN-LOAD THEM.   AGAIN, THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS BARBIE, LOBO'S NEW MOMMY....... Happy Birthday to Me! Sebastian aka Spanky is two years old today! Thank You so much! My family is so much fun, I get to swim in a pool and run around this BIG yard. Papa Geoff's son lets me sleep in his bed, and his grandchildren are so much fun. I am too fast for them to catch me, but I let them take me swimming in the pool. I am SOOOOO happy here and have much to do. I miss you guys, but wouldn't trade what I have for anything. Thank You for matching me with my BEST friend. Sebastian aka Spanky PS. Thank You Darrell and Am. Sebastian and I have so much fun together. He has made my life so happy and is well cared for. Thank You.
Thank you Amy & Darrell! You both are so great to work with! I plan on referring you to friends who are also looking for Beagles. Matt & Tracy-- Arizona Hi this is Christie T. Don’t know if you remember me but we bought a male Olde English Pocket Beagle from you in August. I just wanted to tell you how happy we are. He is just an amazingly well behaved dog. He is so mellow and has a great personality. He did not take long at all to become house trained and he loves to be loved. I really lucked out! I just wanted to let you know I now have Jasper home. He is absolutely great. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He is awesome with the kids too, he just loves them. I am so happy to have him and thank you very much for such a wonderful dog. Let me tell you Jasper is totally spoiled already. It’s so funny that you say they like to lick you to death. We always thought it was so funny that Emma did that then to bring Jasper home . . . he does the same thing. If the kids are on the floor he’s in their face licking them. The kids love it and laugh so hard. Also, your family raises the most loving, well socialized dogs. I will recommend you to anyone that I know that is interested in a Pocket Beagle. You also are so kind and wonderful to work with in getting him here. I will send a picture. Be assured he is part of our family. Thanks you! Thank you! Thank you! Susan Vaughn Hey Amy: The puppy we named her Bella, is doing just wonderful. She has been the best puppy. She ate her regular dog food the day we brought her home. She slept through the night without crying on the second night and seems to have adjusted great to all of the kids. They just love her and she gets loads of attention . . . sometimes too much. Bella is already 50% potty trained and she already can fetch! We are all just so much in love with her! We think she already knows her name. Thank you so much for everything you have done to raise such a wonderful puppy. Tonya and Charlie Hey it’s Kate, thank you so much for the puppy! I love her !!! She is adjusting to our house perfectly. She likes to chew up a lot of stuff but she has a ton of toys! She has been stealing our other dog’s toys also. She loves being outside! She is sleeping through the night! She is learning where to go to the bathroom! We took her to the vet the other day and she is healthy. Kate from Texas! Darrell, the puppy arrived safe and sound! Thanks so much for everything! I will send some pics next week of her. Susanne I just wanted to let you know that Jasper is doing great. He is just a sweet loving baby. Again thank you so much we just love him so much. By the way, it’s really hard to look at your web site--makes me want another one. Your dogs are beautiful with great dispositions. The changes you have mad to your site are very nice also. Thank you so much, Susan Vaughn
This is Aaron & Kelly Johnson and we purchased this super cute pocket beagle from you earlier this year. I have had beagles my entire life and he is the sweetest and best behaved of them all. A real gentleman! It appears as though Diesel is going to be a daddy dog just in time for Christmas and wanted to pass along the news. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do. Thanks for the greatest dog in the world! Darrel/Amy: A quick update on Star . . . I took her to the vet on Friday for her shots and check-up. She’s doing terrific! If anyone ever needs a reference, please do not hesitate to give them my name, phone number and email address. I am one very, very satisfied customer. Bruce Young I wanted to show you how well Murphy is getting along with my other dog, Sawyer. I adopted Murphy last September. He is so loving. He’s all puppy and can get in trouble but when he looks @ you with the sad face, all is forgiven. Kathy, Cleveland, GA.
Hi Darrell and Amy, Simba (formally called Payden) is doing great! He is adjusting very well to his new home. Everyone loves him and wants to have him! My dad even offered me to buy him back from me! I am sending you some pictures of him in his new family and new home! I have to say he is very smart!! He is almost house broken already and he understand his new name and he understand us (we speak only in French). He has trouble adjusting to the Canadian weather but he like to play in the snow just for a few minutes then he wants to get back in the house! I will send you some more news very soon. Thank you for all the trouble you went thought to send him here. I appreciate everything! Sincerely Véronique It's me skooter...well its skipper now :) im getting along great with my family. my sister abby, my mom & dad and my cat oliver. i have a brother too, ben, but he is away and I haven't met him yet :) i got to see snow this past weekend. we went to northern iowa. i climbed in it a bit, it was fun. well i met my dr. and he thinks im perfect too :) every one around here thinks so. i love it here! im being very good and they tell me im very smart. i gotta go :) mom says we will send pictures soon bye for now skipper (& The Crabb Family)
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